Dailey’s Square Tutorial


I’m using Baby Bee yarn that can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. The yarn calls for size G hook, but I’m using a size E hook in order to have a slightly smaller Dailey Square. I’ve picked out seven colors to do Dailey’s baby blanket because he is my seventh son and the length of his blanket is ten squares because Dailey is my tenth baby. It’s taking me some time to finish all the squares, so I thought I’d go ahead and show you how to make one of the squares for Dailey’s baby blanket.

I have a link for a free PDF of Dailey’s Square Pattern for your convenience to print out and take with you, because I love you!

Dailey’s Square PDF

DSC_0013 Chain 6.


Slip stitch to first chain to form ring.


Round 1: Chain 2, 2 double crochet clusters in ring. Chain 4.


Work a 3 double crochet cluster in ring. Chain 2.


Work another 3 double crochet cluster. Chain 4.


Work 3 double crochet cluster, chain 2, 3 double crochet cluster, chain 4. Until you have 8 double crochet clusters, 4 chain 2 spaces, and 4 chain 4 spaces. Slip stitch into beginning chain 2 stitch/cluster.


Round 2 : Chain 5 (this counts as beginning double crochet and chain 2). Now work *3 double crochet cluster – chain 2 – 3 double crochet cluster – in chain 4 space. Chain 2 and work 3 double crochets in chain 2 space – chain 2*. Repeat from the * until you reach the last chain 2 space, work 2 double crochets and slip stitch to the 3rd chain of the beginning chain 5.


Your Dailey Square should look like this.


Round 3 : Chain 3 (counts as double crochet), *2 double crochets in next chain 2 space, chain 2, [3 double crochet clusters - chain 2 - 3 double crochet clusters] in next chain 2 space, chain 2.

2 double crochets in chain 2 space, 3 double crochets in next 3 double crochets from previous row. Repeat from * until you reach the last 2 previously worked double crochets.


Your Dailey Square should start looking like this.


Now that you’ve reached the end, work your last 2 double crochets and slip stitch to the 3rd chain of beginning chain 3.

Round 4 : Chain 1 (counts as a single crochet).


Single crochet in each double crochet, 2 single crochets in next chain 2 space.


When you reach the corner, you are going to do 3 single crochets – chain 2 – 3 single crochets.


Your Dailey Square should look like this.


Continue on with 2 single crochets in next chain 2 space and single crochet in each previously worked double crochet.


When you get to the end you will slip stitch into the beginning chain 1.


Just like this.


Pull up your loop and through the loop on your hook.


Chain 1.


Pull up your loop on the hook and cut.


Grab a smaller hook and wrap remaining yarn on hook and pull through your single crochets.


There you go! You made a Dailey Square.


You can use any type of yarn variation and hook size for larger or smaller squares. Have fun with it.


I still have to finish the white squares and the turquoise squares and the tan squares and the brown squares. When I am finished with Dailey’s Baby Blanket, I’ll add pictures of all these lovely squares when they are put together.

Love- Kari


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