Out To Lunch


Yesterday was Easter. Last year I was mentally out to lunch. So no Easter photos were to be had.


I am busy giving out commands of where to look, how to look, where to sit, how to sit, where to stand and how to stand.


What was I talking about? Where did my camera go?


By that time I’m crying… Wondering what was the purpose of taking an Easter picture to begin with. I feel like my kids, by this point.



Declan-Pick you mouth. Duncan-Stare at the ground. Duke-Grab you ear and cry. Darien-Grimace at your brother. Kittee-Slouch and look bored. Kathleen-Snee… AAA CHEW!”


Kathleen-Itchy nose. Duncan-Durr Herr Herr. Declan-The sun is shining in my eyes, except there’s no sun in my eyes. Darien-The permanent grin. Duke-I want to be set free. Kittee-Snuggle bear.


Things are looking brighter and better.



“Daddy you’re so funny.”


Switching things around is a good thing to do.


“This is a wrap! I’m done. Everyone’s eyes are semi open. Perfect. Ya’ll can go to the van, because we’re headin’ to Cracker Barrel.”

Reality is as real as it gets when people are involved.

Love, Forever Out To Lunch

Giddy Up! Nums!


I love spring. I was born in the spring. Yeah for me! Like I had a choice… Nevertheless, my heart is happy that God made spring. I love the word happy. Happy is a different word than joyful or exuberant or ecstatic or thrilled or content or overjoyed. Happy is a simply beautiful word that a simple mind can understand as well as a complex mind.

The picture of Tyree’s hand makes me happy. Happy to see it being used to make something beautiful for me. Making life a little more enjoyable on this earth. Happy to see his hand dig in the soil of hard dirt, with worms and weeds and roots, to make room for stepping stones for my feet and for my children’s feet to walk upon.


Happy describes my heart when I get to focus my lens on such a man. Aged hands. Dirt on his thumb. Veins filled with life’s blood bringing oxygen to his hard working hands.


Life. Makes me happy. God created. God blessed. God preserved. Man made in His Image.


Life. Stepping Stones. Happy.


There is something else that makes me happy. Actually seeing my sons. Watching them grow.


Watching. Being there for them.


“Declan.” Said Mama. “What’s the name of your horse?” Declan thought for a minute as brothers and sisters added their suggestions. Mama interrupted them quickly and said, “Hush up! I want to know what Declan’s answer is without suggestions from y’all.” “Decky what’s the name of your horse?” Declan said quietly, “His names is Nums.”


I dug twelve holes yesterday, while Tyree finished the cedar trim on the outside of the porch, gathered rocks with Kathleen and Darien, made way for the stepping stones and then cleaned up the tools and put everything away.

Duncan watered the roses.


Kittee also watered the roses and spread cedar mulch.


Happy is what I’m feeling.


Very happy.


We did all of this in the blazing sunshine with 30 mph constant winds. Kathleen was ready for a tuna sandwich sitting on the back screened in porch. I guess she loves the wind too.


Delightful Simple Little Burger


After a long day of planting and finishing up trimming the porch, Tyree decided to make some simple little burgers. He sliced up some extra sharp white cheddar cheese and sliced up some roma tomatoes, salt and peppered them and handed them to me.

It was delightful and the seasonings he used brought out such a fantastic flavor in the lean beef. My eyes were filled with delight and I had to share them with you through a picture. The white cheddar and the roma tomatoes brought such a beautiful color to the lean beef that I couldn’t wait to gobble it up.

Here’s the dilemma… I have no idea what he put in the beef. I didn’t make these. So my desire is for you to experiment with seasonings and flavors of veggies and sauces to make a delightful simple little burger that you love as much as I loved eating these delightful simple little burgers.




My birthday is coming soon and I usually have no clue what to ask for. Ever since I got me some kids, that is. I’m pretty happy if I get to eat cake and sit down on my rear end for the whole day. I think Tyree has blessed me throughout the years that I truly get stumped for ideas.

But not this year.

This year I started thinking about flies and the exorbitant amount of them in the spring, summer and fall. I’ll go into more detail when my birthday comes ’round, with more pictures of my gift.

I’m feeling brilliant right now, because I had a great idea for my birthday.



For right now I really want to talk about my kids and how much I love them and how much they make my life full and busy. That was it. Now you know, because I really just told you, how much I love my kids. Naturally.

We’ve been busy with stuff. I really can’t recall all of what stuff that we’ve been doing, but “stuff” seems to fit the category pretty well. Naturally.


I’ve been exercising in order to build up some strength when Dailey decides to be born. Naturally I’m tired. I remind myself, daily, that no matter what I’d be doing in my life I’d be busy doing something that would naturally make me tired.

I chose Tyree and one by one his kids.



Love- Kari


The New England Primer-1777


Kittee became fascinated with a bunch of little books that I have collected over the years and this one in particular came up in her pursuit to find small books. It was written in a time when f’s were written in place of s’s. So you can imagine that the flow of reading this book can be difficult.


A “Leffon for Children” is actually read “A Lesson for Children.” Don’t laugh. (wink wink) This is serious bufineff.  Translation “business.”


I love this book because it reminds me of my early American history and the Glory that was given to Almighty God. O how my heart longs for this to be returned to my nation, My Heavenly Father’s Name being praised and not cursed.


While I was reading aloud some of the magnificent passages of long ago, I came across this one that struck my heart and soul. I have been compelled to share it with you in hopes it will affect you as it as affected me.

A dialogue between Christ, Youth, and the Devil.

Those days which God to me doth send,
In pleasure I’m resolv’d to spend;
Like as the birds in th’ lovely spring,
Sit chirping on the bough, and sing;
Who straining forth those warbling notes,
Do make sweet music in their throats,
So I resolve in this my prime,
In sports and plays to spend my time.
Sorrow and grief I’ll put away,
Such things agree not with my day:
From clouds my morning shall be free;
And nought on earth shall trouble me.
I will embrace each sweet delight,
This earth affords me day and night:
Though parents grieve and me correct,
Yet I their counsel will reject.

The resolution which you take,
Sweet youth it doth me merry make.
If thou my counsel wilt embrace,
And shun the ways of truth and grace,
And learn to lie, and curse and swear,
And be as proud as any are;
And with thy brothers wilt fall out,
And sisters with vile language flout:
Yea, fight and scratch, and also bite,
Then in thee I will take delight.
If thou wilt but be rul’d by me,
An artist thou shalt quickly be,
In all my ways which lovely are,
Ther’e few with thee who shall compare.
Thy parents always disobey;
Don’t mind at all what they do say:
And also pout and sullen be,
And thou shalt be a child for me.
When others read, be thou at play,
Think not on God, don’t sigh nor pray
Nor be thou such a silly fool,
To mind thy book or go to school;
But play the truant; fear not I
Will straitway help you to a lie,
Which will excuse thee from the same,
From being whipp’d and from all blame;
Come bow to me, uphold my crown,
And I’ll thee raise to high renown.

These motions I will cleave unto,
And let all other counsels go;
My heart against my parents now,
Shall harden’d be, and will not bow:
I won’t submit at all to them,
But all good counsels will condemn,
And what I list that do will I,
And stubborn be continually.

Wilt thou, O youth make such a choice,
And thus obey the devil’s voice?
Curst sinful ways wilt thou embrace,
And hate the ways of truth and grace?
Wilt thou to me a rebel prove?
And from thy parents quite remove
Thy heart also? Then shalt thou see,
What will e’er long become of thee.
Come, think on God, who did thee make,
And at his presence dread and quake,
Remember him now in thy youth,
And let thy soul take hold of truth:
The Devil and his ways defy,
Believe him not, he doth but lie:
His ways seem sweet, but youth beware,
He for thy soul hath laid a snare.
His sweet will into bitter turn,
If in those ways thou still wilt run,
He will thee into pieces tear,
Like lions which most hungry are.
Grant me thy heart, thy folly leave,
And from this lion I’ll thee save;
And thou shalt have sweet joy from me,
Which shall last to eternity.

My heart shall chear me in my youth,
I’ll have my frolicks in good truth,
What e’er seems lovely in mine eye,
Myself I cannot it deny.
In my own ways I still will walk,
And take delight among young folk,
Who spend their days in joy and mirth,
Nothing like that I’m sure on earth:
Thy ways, O Christ! are not for me,
They with my age do not agree.
If I unto thy laws should cleave,
No more good days then should I have.

Would’st thou live long and good days see
Refrain from all iniquity:
True good alone doth from me flow,
It can’t be had in things below.
Are not my ways, O youth! for thee,
Then thou shalt never happy be;
Nor ever shall thy soul obtain,
True good, whilst thou dost here remain.

To thee, O Christ, I’ll not adhere,
What thou speak’st of does not appear
Lovely to me I cannot find,
‘Tis good to set or place my mind
On ways whence many sorrows spring,
And to the flesh such crosses bring,
Don’t trouble me, I must fulfil,
My fleshly mind, and have my will.

Unto thyself then I’ll thee leave,
That Satan may thee wholly have:
Thy heart in sin shall harden’d be,
And blinded in iniquity.
And then in wrath I’ll cut thee down,
Like as the grass and flowers mown;
And to thy woe thou shalt espy,
Childhood and youth are vanity;
For all such things I’ll make thee know
To judgment thou shall come also.
In hell at last thy soul shall burn,
When thou thy sinful race hast run.
Consider this, think on thy end
Lest God do thee in pieces rend.

Amazed, Lord! I now begin,
O help me and I’ll leave my sin:
I tremble, and do greatly fear,
To think upon what I do hear.
Lord! I religious now will be,
And I’ll from Satan turn to thee.

Nay, foolish youth, don’t change thy mind,
Unto such thoughts be not inclin’d.
Come, sheer up thy heart, rouse up, be glad:
There is no hell; why art thou sad?
Eat, drink, be merry with thy friend,
For when thou diest, that’s thy last end.

Such thoughts as these I can’t receive,
Because God’s word I do believe;
None shall in this destroy my faith,
Nor do I mind what Satan saith.

Although to thee herein I yield.
Yet e’er long I shall win the field.
That there’s a heaven I can’t deny,
Yea, and a hell of misery:
That heaven is a lovely place
I can’t deny; ’tis a clear case;
And easy ’tis for to come there,
Therefore take thou no further care,
All human laws do thou observe,
And from old customs never swerve;
Do not oppose what great men say,
And thou shalt never go astray.
Thou may’st be drunk, and swear and curse,
And sinners like thee ne’er the worse;
An any time thou may’st repent;
‘Twill serve when all thy days are spent.

Take heed or else thou art undone;
These thoughts are from the wicked One,
Narrow’s the way that leads to life,
Who walk therein do meet with strife.
Few shall be saved, young man know,
Most do unto destruction go.
If righteous ones scarce saved be,
What will at last become of thee!
Oh! don’t reject my precious call,
Lest suddenly in hell thou fall;
Unless you soon converted be,
God’s kingdom thou shalt never see.

Lord, I am now at a great stand:
If I should yield to thy command,
My comrades will me much deride,
And never more will me abide.
Moreover, this I also know,
Thou can’st at last great mercy show.
When I am old, and pleasure gone,
Then what thou say’st I’ll think upon.

Nay, hold vain youth, thy time is short,
I have thy breath, I’ll end thy sport;
Thou shalt not live till thou art old,
Since thou in sin art grown so bold.
I in thy youth grim death will send,
And all thy sports shall have an end.

I am too young, alas to die,
Let death some old grey head espy.
O spare me, and I will amend,
And with thy grace my soul befriend,
Or else I am undone alas,
For I am in a  woful case.

When I did call, you would not hear,
But didst to me turn me a deaf ear;
And now in thy calamity,
I will not mind nor hear thy cry;
Thy day is past, begone from me,
Thou who didst love iniquity,
Above thy soul and Saviour dear;
Who on the cross great pains did bear,
My mercy thou didst much abuse,
And all good counsel didst refuse,
Justice will therefore vengeance take,
And thee a sad example make.

O spare me, Lord, forbear thy hand,
Don’t cut me off who trembling stand,
Begging for mercy at thy door,
O let me have but one year more.

If thou some longer time should have,
Thou wouldst again to folly cleave:
Therefore to thee I will not give,
One day on earth longer to live.

Youth, I am come to fetch thy breath,
And carry thee to th’ shades of death,
No pity on thee can I show,
Thou hast thy God offended so.
Thy soul and body I’ll divide,
Thy body in the grave I’ll hide,
And thy dear soul in hell must lie,
With Devils to eternity.

The Conclusion
Thus end the days of woful youth,
Who won’t obey nor mind the truth;
Nor hearken to what preachers say,
But do their parents disobey.
They in their youth go down to hell,
Under eternal wrath to dwell.
Many don’t live out half their days,
For cleaving unto sinful ways.

—-The New England Primer—-Boston 1777.

I was amazed by this story and how true it is for all of us. The decision to follow Jesus the Christ is so vital for true happiness and eternal life in Paradise. The trials in this life are not comparable to the fire and damnation of hell and forever separation from Almighty God.


Different Than Normal


“Kari… Come out here and grab your camera. You’ve got to see this!” Said Tyree in an urgent voice.


“Wow that’s really something.” Said Kari in a wow voice.
Click, click, click, click, click


Click, click, click, click, click, click.
“Gosh it’s freezing out here! I can’t believe it was 90 degrees today and now it’s 50 degrees. God had a sense of humor when He created Oklahoma!!” Said Kari in her I can’t believe we moved here voice.


“Happy trails to you… Until we meet again… Happy trails to you… Keep smilin’ until then…
Who cares ’bout the clouds when we’re together… Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather… Happy trails to you till we meet again!” Sang Declan in his Roy Rogers is real voice.

“Declan you have peanut butter on your face.” Said mama in her get a baby wipe voice.

Love- Kari

A Carseat Blanket For A Baby Girl


One of my sweet friends is having a baby girl in a few weeks or less. It’s her fifth baby and third daughter. I’m so excited for her.


I texted her and asked her for some colors. I told her that I was going to make her a carseat blanket for her sweet baby girl. So she sent me a picture of her carseat and I got to work.


I am really delighted with how it turned out and I fully expect this beautiful carseat blanket to be loved and slobbered on. So glad to have friends and friends with babies.